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Tips On Buying Earrings

Tips to buy earrings


Sterling silver gold Vermeil bee earrings twelve silver trees jewellery  For aspiring fashionistas getting the right accessories to complement their outfit is critical to looking stylish. Silver jewellery is one way to make a fashion statement without having to spend too much. Some of the most popular accessories to enhance your fashion quotient include bracelets, designer chains, rings and earrings etc.

Earrings can really set off the look of any ensemble if you choose the right type. A few things to consider when deciding to buy a pair of earrings include:

Design matters: As with other kinds of jewellery earrings are available in a range of styles and designs. While the style is subject to the occasion, it is okay to experiment and try new designs. Try out a few different designs until you find that that is perfect for you. The right choice of earrings can match any event or occasion from professional to the party scene.

long sterling silver geometric earrings Twelve Silver Trees Jewellery

Types of metals: these come in a range of metals including silver, gold Vermeil nickel alloys etc. Since some individuals have an allergy to nickel-based alloy metals you need to ascertain if these types of earrings suit your skin. Otherwise, you can opt for niobium or titanium-based metal earrings. You could visit an allergist to find out the type of metal you are allergic to.

Complement your personality: Select a pair of coloured earrings that complement your complexion and the outfit you plan to wear. You could experiment with various earrings of different designs and colours with outfits in your wardrobe. A point to note is we buy earrings to match our ensemble and not vice-versa!

Tim Stinchcombe-Twelvetree