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Handmade Luxury Reed Diffuser - Vanilla & Arabian Musk

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Our exciting new range of candles & reed diffusers are made with the finest ingredients & high quality pure

  • Scent: Vanilla & Arabian Musk
  • Description: Exotic Madagascan Vanilla
    blends perfectly with the warm,
    spicy undertones of Arabian
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We've used the best ingredients in our diffusers. The highest quality reeds, generous 100ml, 150ml or 200ml bottles, and an amazing pure fragrance oil to keep your home smelling fresh for weeks to come.

The base we use is a new diffuser base available which is made from renewable sources. Unlike DPG and other diffuser bases, this base oil evaporates fully and does not have the metallic or chemical odour associated with other bases and more natural alternative to DPG. It is also an Eco friendly product with a low carbon footprint, non toxic and offers low odour with excellent fragrance enhancements with great solubility powers.

How to get the most from your Diffuser.

-Position is key, place your diffuser in a location where air circulates. This ensures the scent is distributed around your chosen room.

-If the scent begins to become less noticeable, turn the reeds over for fragrance boost.

-If possible, try and keep away from direct sunlight, this can cause discolouration of the reed liquid and can also cause the diffuser to evaporate out quicker.

Ingredients/allergens/regulatory information is included with all products. Please ask if you require before your purchase.