Collection: The Paula Bolton Collection

Introducing our collection of Earrings, Necklaces, Pendants, Bracelets, Bangles & Brooches by the fabulous Paula Bolton. 

Paula Bolton Monet reflections sterling silver jewellery at Twelve Silver Trees
Paula Bolton
is a jewellery designer inspired by the Impressionism, Symbolism, Art Nouveau and Secessionist movements.

Her pieces are handcrafted in silver by a family of ethical jewellery manufacturers on the beautiful Indonesian island of Bali.

Paula Bolton is a self-taught designer with very original ideas and her passions include Art and History. Paula’s father and grandfather were both born in Japan and her mother’s ancestors were Dutch merchants who sailed to the Far East 400 years ago.

Paula designs all her silver & pewter jewellery herself and has worked with the same Balinese family providing ethical employment for local craftsmen since 1994. She works with many prestigious Museum & Heritage sites on themes including Art, Architecture, and Wildlife and her jewellery has become collectable by discerning customers worldwide.

Paula’s jewellery is made from 925 sterling silver, highlighted by 22 carat gold vermeil Semi-precious gemstones used for their vibrant colours and delicate hues include pearls, Amethyst, Garnet, Peridot, Iolite and Citrine. The Pearls used are Freshwater Pearls grown in the rivers and lakes of China.

Paul’s is quoted as saying “Growing up on a farm on the edge of the North Yorkshire moors, nature has been an obsession of mine from an early age.  Several years ago I reared an abandoned fox cub who we called Pickle with good reason and brought her up with our two dogs until it was time for her release into the wild.  Life is calmer now and although I still have dogs, life revolves around my garden”

We hope you love the Paul’s Bolton collection as much as we do & if you want to know more about the hidden symbolism of the humble bee, check out our blog post.