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5 Alternatives To Permanently Resizing Your Treasured Rings.

Just because your ring isn’t fitting well right now it doesn’t mean that you should immediately get it resized. Talk to your local jeweller first and check if there is any reason why the ring is ill-fitting ring before making any permanent changes to your jewellery, the shank or band may be bent or out of shape for example. If that is not the case , it may be worth doing a little research and looking into other options that are available.

Permanent ring resizing is ideally the best & safest option for ring resizing and overall comfort but sometimes it’s not a great idea to get your ring resized. Ideally a ring should only be permanently resized once as the procedure can cause a weakness in the shank, multiple resizing will severely affect the integrity of the ring causing permanent damage. But what if your ring is an heirloom piece that you want to pass down to the next generation? Maybe you are losing weight or have hands that swell in the heat or cold and you don’t want to permanently change the size of your ring. Maybe your knuckles are larger than the place on your finger where the ring sits or maybe the ring it goes over your knuckles fine only to end up spinning or moving around on the finger.

Here are our 5 best options for non permanent ring resizing.

Ring Sizing Option 1 - Sizing Beads


Sizing beads are a great alternative to size a ring down or prevent it from turning or twisting on the finger with the least amount of impact to the ring.

Sizing beads are round precious metal balls that are added in the inside of a ring to decrease the inner circumference or size. Adding sizing beads to your ring is a very simple process: The jeweler simply solders two small metal beads on the inside of the band. This is a great way to keep your ring upright on your finger, and it can help get a smaller ring over your knuckles.

Because Sizing beads are a semi-permanent solution that can be removed by a jeweller if needed with no visible impact to the ring, this is a great option for antique & heirloom rings as it doesn’t alter the integrity of the ring.

Ring Sizing Option 2 - Plastic Size Adjusters

Adjusters are basically a plastic coil or wedge that simply attaches to the bottom of the shank.

Plastic ring size adjusters are a great temporary & cost efficient solution to making the size of a ring smaller, Adjusters are basically a plastic coil or wedge that simply attaches to the bottom of the shank.

This option is perfect for people who are prone to finger size fluctuations, it will make the ring temporarily fit until your fingers return to their normal size. Due to how easy they are to get and use, they are an excellent choice for short-term and non-permanent ring size adjustment. If you do choose to use plastic size adjusters make sure to always check and replace the ring adjusters once in a while. If the plastic is loose or moved easily around your ring, then it time to replace it right away.

Ring Sizing Option 3: Spring Insert

Spring inserts are a particularly good alternative for people with large knuckles.

A spring insert is a thin metal band that is attached on the inside of the ring, which flattens out when putting on the ring and springs back into place when past over the knuckle, A spring insert is a particularly good alternative for people with large knuckles.

This option would require an experienced jeweller although this can be a more comfortable alternative than the sizing beads and is also easier to put in.

A spring insert can alter your ring size by up to one whole size, giving more flexibility than sizing beads. Again, since it doesn’t involve cutting the band of the ring, it maintains the integrity and strength of the metal, but offers more comfort and a better fit than a ring without it.

Ring Sizing Option 4 Fold-Over Sizing Bar

This a great option for reducing ring size without permanently resizing the band of the ring.

A fold-over device is simply a small metal bar soldered to the bottom of the ring to make it fit properly. It is also an easy fix for jewellers and it may be more comfortable than some of the other options.

A fold-over bar is a hinged bar that is soldered to the bottom of the ring to reduce its size. You basically open the bar, put the ring on, and click the bar back into place. These sizing bars tend to be more comfortable than sizing beads and they can reduce ring size by up to two sizes in most cases.

Ring Sizing Option 5 - Food Grade Silicone 

If you are a creative person using food grade silicone is another great option to make your very own homemade perfect fit. This requires a little bit more craftsmanship & skill than the other options, but it yields great looking and effective results. To put it simply, you put the desired amount of silicone on the inside of the ring to make it fit your finger size. This looks better than the plastic ring adjusters and has the added bonus that it can be easily peeled off from the ring. I would just add a note of caution with this option, if your ring has special finishes such as oxidised or decorative coatings, it may be wise to test this method first on an unobtrusive area to make sure no damage is caused. 

A Permanent Resizing Option Of Note - Finger mate

The Finger mate is a relatively new way of resizing a ring.

This is another permanent option, If the ring size is perfect for you in size but is difficult to put on or remove due to large knuckles, then Finger mate could be the best solution.

The jeweller removes the the whole band of the ring &  replaces it with a Finger Mate shank. This gives the ring the ability to open and close at the bottom of the band for easy insert and removal on the finger. Not all jewellers can provide this option, it is a very difficult process that requires an experienced jeweller and because of the amount of labour & skill required it is an expensive alternative.

These are all great alternatives to consider when having the ring professionally resized is not an option, or if you don’t want to permanently resize the ring.

Final Thoughts

Most experienced and knowledgeable independent jewellers are happy to discuss ring resizing alternatives. They can give you information on how to tighten a ring, how to deal with larger knuckles, and what your options are when it comes to alternatives for resizing. Have an in-depth discussion with your trusted jeweller. Use their knowledge to help you weigh the pros and cons of each alternative choice, make recommendations and advise you on what option would best suit you.

While making a ring fit better is absolutely important, it’s also important that you still like the look and feel of your ring after it’s resized. Ask your local independent jeweller to see some rings with these sizing alternatives so you can explore the look & feel of various option to see which suits you & your lifestyle the best.

I hope you have enjoyed reading our latest post & that it has given you some food for thought of the alternatives available.

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