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Birth Flowers and their meaning - Hidden Symbolism

What are birth flowers?

Flowers have long been laden with meanings, but did you know each month has several flowers connected with it? Most of us are aware that certain gemstones are associated with different months of the year & that they have characteristics and meaning that link to our personalities, the same is true with flowers

When did it start?

It is thought that birth month flowers originated in Roman times, when birthday celebrations first began.  These early celebrations included decorating the altars of Roman gods with flowers, and giving flowers as birthday gifts.

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The idea of flowers having symbolic meaning was first introduced to England in the early eighteenth century, by Lady Mary Wortley Montagu but is was really in the victorians who totally embraced floriography, better known as the language of flowers. The Victorian’s used flowers as a way of conveying hidden messages, feelings & moods to their loved ones while not breaking etiquette & the strict conventions society was expected to abide by.

Birth flowers & weddings

Weddings, by definition are an intensely personal thing & birth flowers are great way to make your day even more personal and there is a growing trend of using the language of flowers in your day. Wether it’s by incorporating both the bride & grooms birth flower into your bouquet or table centres or even including the flowers associated with a beloved family member.  Of course, you are not just constricted to your birth flower, maybe you strongly relate to the meanings of certain flowers & combine these to create your own sentimental message.

What are my birth flowers?

Take a look at our list of months with their associated flowers & meanings.

January Birth Flower - Snowdrop & Carnation 

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Bringing us beauty in the colder months, snowdrops are resilient & strong, hence the association with hope, love & new beginnings.

Januarys other birth flower, the carnation represents divine love, pride & gratitude

People born in January are thought to be distinguished, loved & admired

February Birth Flower - Violet & Iris

Sterling silver rose gold Violet earrings & pendant February birth flower

The violet represents spiritual wisdom, faithfulness, loyalty & humility & has its roots in Christianity representing the modesty of the Virgin Mary.

The Iris is also the birth flower for February and represents eloquence, faith, wisdom and hope. The Greek goddess Iris was the messenger of love, so these flowers are associated with romantic communications.

People born in February are said to to be faithful, honest and humble.

March Birth Flower - Daffodil

Sterling silver daffodil necklace, March birth flower jewellery

With March comes spring & there is nothing as joyous as seeing cheerful yellow daffodils marking springs arrival. The daffodil represents rebirth and new starts as they are often the first sign of warmer weather to come as well as good luck & prosperity. They also represent loyalty due to their ability to bloom year after year.

People born in March are said to be charismatic, affectionate and generous

April Birth Flower - Daisy


As the delicate Daisy appears in fields & gardens everywhere our thoughts are filled Daisy chains & the whimsy of youth

Beautifully simple Daisies are associated with purity and innocence as well as loyal love – remember the saying ‘he loves me, he loves me not?’. The Daisy also represent nurturing, motherhood and eternal love.

People born in April are said to be bold, assertive, loyal, generous & emphatic by nature

May Birth Flower - Lily of the Valley / Lily

The sweet smelling & timeless elegance of the Lily of the Valley is often viewed as a symbol of humility & rebirth, innocence & sweetness, chastity & purity and as a mothers bond to her children. Lily of the valley is also a token of good luck & prosperity for the coming year and a return to happiness.

These beautiful bell shaped flowers are a favourite of royal brides & these symbolic littles flowers make a perfect gift for weddings & anniversaries.

Although the actual birth flower of May is the Lily of the valley, lilies in all their forms, wether it’s the Tiger Lily, Calla Lily or Orientals, have also come to be associated with the month of May.

People born in May are said to be kind hearted, compassionate, emotional & strong willed.

June Birth Flower - Rose

June birth flower pendant, sterling silver & rose gold rose pendant

Nothing brings on the joy of summer like the sweet fragrance & classic Beaty of the rose. Long considered a symbol of love & devotion, the rose also represents honour & beauty, both outwardly & within.

Each colour of the rose also have their own distinctive meanings such as yellow for friendship & red for love.

People born in June are said to be chatty, charismatic, witty, outgoing & friendly

July Birth Flower - Water Lily/ lotus flower & Delphinium

July birth flower earrings, sterling silver & gold water Lily earrings

Representing those born in July, the water Lily or lotus flower is a symbol of all that is beautiful, true and good. These majestic flowers also represent good fortune, enlightenment & inner peace.

The Delphinium is an alternative choice for july symbolising grace & dignity, positivity & an open heart.

People born in July are said to thoughtful, proud & honest

August Birth Flower - Poppy & Gladioli

August birth flower pendant, sterling silver & rose gold poppy pendant

In general, the poppy represents strength of character & imagination but, much like the rose, the meaning associated with the poppy changes with the different colours. To the ancient Greeks & Romans the red poppy was symbol of remembrance but in Chinese & Japanese cultures they symbolise the passionate love between a couple. Alternatively white poppies represent consolation while yellow is for prosperity & wealth

August also has the sword like gladioli as an alternative birth flower which again represents strength of character.

People born in August are said to be imaginative and calm.

September Birth Flower - Aster & Forget me nots 

September birth flower earrings, sterling silver Aster earrings

Adding a bold splash of colour & positive symbolism to late summer & early autumn, the Aster is the birth flower for September.

The Aster represents all powerful love & affection and are associated with positivity, faith, elegance & wisdom

Forget-me-nots symbolise true love and respect. These tiny blooms represents a promise that you will always remember them and will keep them in your thoughts. They are also considered a symbol of fidelity and faithfulness. They can also symbolise a connection that endures all challenges and measure of time, that could be a friendship or any other kind of loyalty you may have.

People born this month are said to be wise, brave and trustworthy

October Birth Flower - Marigold

October birth flower pendant, sterling silver marigold pendant

It should come as no surprise that the bright orange blooms of the marigold have long been linked to the power of the sun, representing determination, positive emotions and energy.

People born in October are said be driven, passionate, creative and successful.

November Birth Flower - Chrysanthemum

November birth flower earrings, chrysanthemum sterling silver earrings

The Chrysanthemum represents health, loyalty and adaptability and is the November Flower. Wearing a Chrysanthemum is thought to bring you good fortune & is a symbol of joy & happiness.

People born in November are said to be lucky and make good friends.

December Birth Flower - Holly & Poinsettia

November birth flower pendant, Sterling silver holly pendant

And we have reached December, another month with 2 birth flowers.

With its glossy green and vibrant red tones, Holly represents good luck, merriment and protection & is a symbol fertility and earthly magic.

And finally, the Poinsettia a festive favourite not only representing good cheer & success but purity, good will & community spirit.

People born in December are said to be committed towards their goals, ambitious, good natured & generous.

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