Ring Sizes - Finding the perfect Fit

Ring Sizes - Finding the perfect Fit

Here at Twelve Silver Trees, we recognise that obtaining the perfect fit for a ring is extremely important. To help you find the right ring size Check out this ring conversion chart here.

Please note that this is a guide only and that having your finger measured by a Jeweller is the most accurate way to find out your ring size.

You can also use this printable Ring Sizer
and use it to quickly work out your own, or your partner’s, ring size.

Printable ring size chart from Twelve Silver Trees jewellery

Another thing to remember is that the thicker the ring, the tighter the fit, so if you choose a ring with a deep band width, you will likely need to go one size up.
The best time of day to measure is in the evening, when your fingers are largest. Avoid measuring when you’re cold, as fingers are at least half a size smaller.

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