Hidden Symbolism - The Anchor Link Charm In Jewellery

Hidden Symbolism - The Anchor Link Charm In Jewellery

The simply stylish Anchor Link charm is one of the most popular designs around in jewellery at the present time, it’s smooth classic lines & minimalist elegance makes it a versatile piece of jewellery for any collection. But as with most jewellery, it symbolism isn’t always obvious at first glance so let’s take a brief look at this understated design.

Sterling silver anchor link study earrings at twelve silver trees jewellery

I don’t think we can discuss the anchor link without learning a little about the traditional anchor symbol. The Anchor as whole represents good luck, steadfastness & hope, symbolically ‘anchoring’ the wearer to bring tranquility & peace. This in turn implies safety, security, trust & confidence.

Early Christians adopted the anchor as a symbol of hope as the anchor represent security, the anchor symbol was often found in the epitaphs of catacombs & tombs in the second & third centuries. The anchor was chosen as it holds a ship in place, again representing strength and security & as a way of discreetly showing their religious beliefs to other Christian’s while under Roman persecution. 

In a much deeper sense, the anchor can symbolise setting sail on new adventures or journeys, maybe even moving forward from the a safe place that we are in & to follow your dreams to a new, exciting future and to look forward to what is to come. 

Anchor link charm pendant necklaces in sterling silver & 18 carat gold vermeil from twelve silver trees jewellery 

The Anchor link charm encapsulates all of these meanings & references and more. 

The oval shape itself represents rebirth & immortality while the cross bar emphasises strength & stability. The shape of the charm or link is also a stylised version of the infinity symbol, signifying the concept of limitlessness & eternity and is often used as an expression of never ending love, individual empowerment, in that being eternal makes the wearer unbreakable. 


So, to summarise the symbolic messages that the anchor & anchor link represents anchor on a piece of jewellery is: 

  • Safety, and security
  • rebirth & immortality 
  • Trust and confidence
  • New journeys & adventure
  • Hope, steadfastness and salvation
  • Stability or tranquility. 
  • Good luck
  • Christian belief
  • Consistent/eternal strength & love


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