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Buying The Perfect Earrings

Nothing can alter the look of your wardrobe like a well chosen pair of earrings. They have the

Design matters!

The right choice of earrings can match any event or occasion from professional to the party scene.

As with other kinds of jewellery, earrings are available in a range of styles and designs. A lot of the time the style will be subject to the occasion, for example, a huge pair of ornate chandelier earrings might not be practical when taking the kids on play date.

It is okay to experiment and try new designs. Try out a few different designs until you find that style that is perfect for you. It’s very easy to get stuck in a rut by sticking to the same, similar designs

Silver leaf stud earrings

Think out of the box! The trend for mismatched & Asymmetric styles is set to continue and is a perfect way to show off your individuality. Pair a long chain drop style with a simple huggy or small hoop or a larger statement design with a classic ball stud. This trend is also a great way to utilise the odd earrings we all have in our jewellery boxes. the only limit is your imagination.

Silver, Gold or Costume?

Todays earrings come in a range of metals including silver, gold, platinum and numerous alloys. Since some individuals have an allergy to nickel-based alloys you need to ascertain if these types of earrings suit your skin. Otherwise, you can opt for steel, niobium or titanium-based metal earrings. You could visit an allergist to find out the type of metal you are allergic to.

Again, you need to look at what you want from your earrings. A classic set of diamonds studs will

Autumn leaves vermeil earrings

A good midpoint to consider is sterling silver. You will get the longevity & quality of high end gold jewellery but at a price point that means you don’t feel like you have to be wearing them for the

Long drop earrings

If you prefer the antique look then oxidised silver is perfect for you. Oxidisation can be light, giving a slightly tarnished, vintage feel to heavily coated giving an dark almost graphite look.

Also worth a quick mention is rhodium plating, this coats the base metal with a layer of rhodium which gives that bright silver, white gold look, reduces tarnishing and is ideal for people with allergies to certain metals.

Complement your personality:

Select a pair of coloured gemstone earrings that complement your complexion and the outfit you plan towear. Don’t be afraid to mix bold coloured gems for a statement look or go simple with a minimal design accented by zirconias for a more understated yet ‘dressed up’ look. If you prefer a quirky look there are a vast array of novelty designs & materials available to suit any taste. Finally, have fun with your choices, show off your personality in your design choices & remember what ever life throws at you, your earrings will always fit! 

Tim Stinchcombe-Twelvetree. 
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