Mission Statement & Vision

Our Mission: 

To source our products using only ethical suppliers and/or Artisan makers & designers. Whether it's from using recycled/up cycled materials, abiding by fair trade principles or offering above and beyond benefits to their local community, every supplier we use fits in with our ethical fashion principles.

Our Vision:  

1. Customer Care: We believe that all our customers are entitled to be greeted with a positive 'yes' attitude by us. We want our customers to be treated the way we would want to be treated as a customer. 
2. Sense of urgency: We have a sense of urgency in responding to every customer order and querie and then communicating that response to our customer promptly. Our customers are reassured that his or her order is progressing well and that their Sterling Silver jewellery will be delivered to you in timely and smooth manner. 
3. The WOW Factor: We want to add a little “wow” to delight our customers at unexpected times. (So keep an eye out for surprises and extras with your order!!) 

See our environmental & ethics policies here