Jewellery Trends for 2019

Jewellery Trends for 2019

Clothing trends usually have a well-defined shelf life. What may be the It-shoes of the season could be all over your instagram or Facebook feed one day and six months later the hype is sure to have died down. Jewellery trends, on the other hand, can be a bit harder to spot. So we have gone on the hunt for the jewellery trends that are around for 2019 and what fashion houses & influencers are gravitating towards this year. Surprise! Belly button piercings aren't making a comeback, but you maybe surprised to see what's on our list.

layered ear piercings

Layered earring at Twelve Silver Trees jewellery Customers (even conservative ones) have curiosity and interest in seeing multiple piercings and find it easy to experiment with this trend, one additional piercing at a time. Layering earrings above multiple piercings going up the ear in a second row, or staggered in between old piercings creates a fresh, deliberate effect. For maximum effect, stick to a theme as these pieces should all relate to each other thematically for example celestial elements such as stars, moons, or lightning bolts.

Mismatched Earrings

Asymmetric silver earrings at Twelve Silver Trees jewellery Whether it is because they had simply had too many earrings to choose from, or whether it was out of a desire to show that they are still avant-garde rule breakers, stylists made wearing mismatched earrings one of the spring/summer 2019 jewellery trends. The earlobes of models at numerous fashion houses showed earrings of mixed shapes & sizes, throwing the head slightly off-kilter in a negation of symmetry. Combining contemporary designs in gold & silver with traditional hoop or pearls create a striking profile while giving you almost infinite variations & choices.

Single Earrings

Abstract long drop earring at Twelve Silver Trees jewellery Wearing a single earring has become a common sight in fashion, and it doesn’t have the intention to leave the scene anytime soon. Alongside the mismatched earring trend, the spring/ summer 2019 jewellery trends encourage wearing a single earring to stand out from the crowd without trying too hard. Combine a single earring with the chunky chain trend to give a wow-worthy look that’s minimalist and extravagant at the same time.

Drop Earrings

Geometric long drop earrings at Twelve Silver Trees jewellery Take your earlobes for a wild ride with drop earrings that are meant to grab everyone’s attention. Everything you know about drop earrings should be thrown out the window as this season’s iterations are sleeker than ever. For those of you who can't stand the thought of ditching your everyday studs, the drop earring is a subtle way to kick it up a notch. Bonus: with chic and sparkly star and moon charms dangling from each end, this style taps into the season's celestial jewellery trend, too.

Chunky Hoops

Half moon hoop earrings at Twelve Silver Trees jewellery Hoops are one jewellery trend that will never go out of style, we will always love our dainty huggie hoops, but chunky versions have officially stolen the spotlight. but every season we see a few tweaks that make the earring style even more relevant than before. This season, the timeless style is taking on a bulkier shape, making it impossible to miss next to your stunning face, they are just as versatile, but way bolder—and bold is what it's all about this season.

Getting Stacked With Layers

Layering necklaces is not a new trend, but clearly it is one that is here to stay. There is so much you can do. As part of a bohemian theme that is running through the spring/ summer 2019 jewellery trends, and just out of the typical desire many people have for opulence, all kinds of jewellery stacking is on trend right now. From the simple choice to put two necklaces together to much more extreme types of jewelry layering, this is a perfect way for your individual style to shine through.

Chains of all shapes and sizes are popping up everywhere, in fact anyone that likes a bit of edge can relate to this trend. Chains can easily be a statement too, try mixing your favourite silver & gold chains with cheaper, high fashion costume pieces.

Multiple Statement Rings

Colour pop vivid colour cocktail rings at Twelve Silver Trees jewellery A chunky ring makes the hand look delicately small and can portray a confident, exuberant woman with its whimsical cheekiness. Multiple rings, multiply this effect, and bring to mind the same excessive opulence of other stacked jewelry trends from spring/summer 2019 accessories. Hands that are embellished with colorful statement rings create a joyful, eclectic effect. Statement rings with pearls, when paired with vibrant gemstones,  create a style that is much more fun & playful.

It’s All About Colour

Extra long citrine & amethyst necklace at Twelve Silver Trees jewellery Sterling Venture outside your comfort zone with precious stones and colored enamel because 2019 is a breakout year for colour. Colourful jewellery is adding a touch of whimsy and vibrance to our must-have accessory essentials for the coming season. Add a hint of the rainbow to any outfit with statement gemstone bracelets combined with bangles in silver, rose gold and textured finishes— and if you are feeling extra bold, add a pair of colorful earrings. The colored enamel trend started picking up steam this autumn and luckily for us, the trend is sticking around for yet another season, our jewellery boxes will continue to be chock-full of playful colors and unique hues.


Charming Charms

With all that’s swirling around us, good luck charms are a must in 2019. The nostalgic jewellery trend you loved as a child is officially back, and designers are jumping on the bandwagon faster than you can say rhododendron. This trend in particular is one you can make your own, as the options of charms are endless.

Ward off bad vibes with amulets, or look to the stars with a zodiac pendant. Combining this look with the layered chains trend will help you load up your necklace with even more personal symbols.

Charm bracelets are also back, when Gucci and Chanel have their own versions of this trend, it's safe to say it's officially cool again. Most of today's charm bracelets already include the charms—meaning you won't need to beg your family members to buy them for you this time.

Flower Power

Daisy Line sterling silver flowers at Twelve Silver Trees jewellery Flowers of all shapes and sizes are everywhere, and we are here for it. Whether you opt for a delicate flower pendant or a mini garden on your ears, this is one trend that has us actually feeling like florals are a groundbreaking trend for season perhaps to match the season’s floral-heavy garments, Versace gave us a combination of trends, with models wearing shiny flower-shaped ear cuffs from lobe all the way up to mid-cartilage. We also saw floral bracelets and necklaces on that same summery runway. Dolce & Gabbana showed how flowers could become extravagant, when created out of rich gold and shaped into a large, opulent ring.

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