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About Us

About Us

We are an online boutique specialising in Sterling Silver Jewellery. We source our products from ethical suppliers and artisans. Our range is and will be constantly expanding with exciting developments to come. Our current presence is our website, our new shop, located in the heart of Leicester city Centre and, of course, social media. As with all good things we are constantly evolving. You will find more information in our Faq page, our Mission Statement and Our Guarantees pages.

About Me

My passion for jewellery started at an early age, as long as I can remember, my interest in jewellery has always been there. After initially building a business in antiques and collectibles I diversified into antique and vintage jewellery and have been going strong ever since.

My current interests lay with Sterling silver, which I feel is often underestimated in today's world. I can only get excited and passionate about Jewellery that moves me, I need to feel a connection almost. Whether it's a piece that is a few pounds or a few hundred, jewellery is so much more than fashion, the perfect piece can have a magical effect on your style, confidence & psyche. Jewellery has the power to capture an emotive moment in time that forms a visual & physical connection that keeps our memories of love, loss and joy within touching distance & with us at all times

- Tim,

Twelve Silver Trees Jewellery